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ABA-Based Education

Chrysalis Academy uses research-based programming with teaching practices guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and language development including discrete trial teaching (DTT) , natural environment teaching, (NET), and pivotal response training (PRT).

Integrated Related-Services

Our curriculum is designed to address the unique needs of our students, while meeting the Arizona State Educational Standards.To maximize each student's  learning potential, we integrate a comprehensive set of Related Services into our school curriculum. including: Behavioral Interventions, Speech Therapy,  Supplementary Reading Instruction, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) & OT Programs, Yoga, Music Therapy, Pet Therapy & Art Therapy.

Individualized Behavior Plans

Chrysalis Academy has dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) on site full time. Our BCBA’s provide each student with individualized attention specific to each student’s behavioral needs.

Experienced Staff

Our staff are trained in select ABA concepts and teaching techniques will be taught in a series of 7 cumulative training levels. Each staff member will need to pass a mastery criterion in both a written and practical exam before advancing to the next level.

2:1 Ratio

Teaching is delivered in a 2:1 student to staff ratio as well as in small group and large group instruction.

Year Round Program

Our school schedule is designed to maximize student progress while meeting the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education.  School is in session Monday through Friday for 6 hours per day, for approximately 210 days of the year.


We formed Chrysalis Academy in 2002 under the name Play ABA at the request of a group of parents whose children participated in our summer school programs. In the fall of 2003, our school began with 8 children with autism and just 7 amazing staff members.  Today Chrysalis Academy is an Arizona Department of Education approved private school for children with ASD and related disorders. We serve over 40 students and employ over 50 staff members. More than 12 different school districts contract with Chrysalis Academy to provide education to students in those districts. 
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    Chrysalis Academy is now offering a language-rich, play-based integrated preschool program with a focus on friendships and building social skills.

    Call 480-839-6000 for registration information!

    About Our Program
    We use a variety of different structured and free play activities in order to utilize the children’s motivation to learn. Our program creates opportunities for natural language development and social interactions. We provide a safe environment to foster social relationships as the children learn about the world around them.  

    In addition to play opportunities, each child will learn by exploring art, music, reading, gardening, cooking projects, creative movement, and sensory exploration. Through these activities, the children develop foundation skills, such as cooperation, teamwork, pragmatic skills, following directions, pre-math skills, and early literacy skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills. 

    As an Applied Behavior Analysis program, we capture the natural motivations of each child in order to increase language and participation through positive reinforcement.  Students will benefit from ongoing consultation and therapy provided by our team of highly trained teachers, paraprofessionals, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants.

    Program Highlights 
    •ABA-Based Education
    •Year-round Program
    •After school care available
    •Low student to staff ratio
    •Highly skilled teachers and staff
    •Academic centers
    •Core curriculum and AZ standards
    •Full Time & Part Time Programs  
    •Structured & unstructured play
    •Dramatic play
    •After school care available
    •Sensory exploration
    •Floor Time Play
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